How Five Below Engages Gen Z with Shyft

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A growing portion of the consumer market is Gen Z – the new generation of preteens and teens. A cohort that grew up around social media, they have a propensity to share product trends with ease through different channels, particularly Instagram and Youtube.

By being able to integrate and identify different trends in this space, the brand of Five Below has been able to find itself in a sweet spot of being able to cater to the always evolving tastes of the Five Below target consumer – the highly coveted tween/teen.

Following a similar business model pioneered by retail giants such as Zara, H&M and Forever 21, Five Below brings a fast-fashion approach to a range of cost-effective merchandise – merchandise that is readily accessible and loved by their target demographic.

By being able to identify the patterns trends through social media channels – whether it be fidget spinners or mermaid blankets – Five Below has been able to define their target market, provide a wide range of appealing products, and thrive.

In the spirit of staying ahead of the curve, one particular Five Below location in Birmingham, Alabama has been leading the pack by adopting Shyft’s technology for their scheduling needs.

Sean Feazell, the Assistant Manager of Customer Experience at this Five Below store, has been vocal about Shyft being a tool made for efficiency – it’s the only mobile solution his store needs or utilizes in their pursuit of scheduling bliss.

Favorite Shyft Features Used @ Five Below

  • Private Groups and Channels for broadcasting announcements
  • Photo schedule upload and import for sharing the schedule
  • Direct Messaging & Chat without sharing phone numbers
  • Team Feed for storewide communication

A New Generation of Leadership

Before coming to Five Below, Feazell was an Operations Manager at Old Navy – he then made the transition to work in Five Below stores, where he was promoted within two months.

We spoke with Sean and he shared with us that Shyft has been used in his particular Five Below location before he was even hired on – meaning the usage of Shyft in this location has been able to be transferred between different management teams with ease.

One thing he mentioned that really stuck out was: “They were already using the Shyft app – that was never a problem.”

It really showcases Shyft’s usability – that it’s able to be adopted by a wide range of different leadership teams and styles; and that Sean, who had only two months experience with using the app, was able to take on scheduling in a relatively short span of time.

Towards the beginning of our dialogue, Feazell made a point to emphasize that the app helped with employees arriving for scheduled shifts. “We usually don’t have issues with people showing up for work; because they have the app,” he said.
Not only is it straightforward enough to be used with a wide range of those who are in direct control of staffing, but it’s also accessible for all employees – making sure that all in the chain of command are kept in the loop on exactly what their schedule entails.

A New Generation of Work Ethic

Retail jobs foster work ethic, but they also provide viable career paths to whoever is willing to put in the hard work and energy.

“People say that you don’t go anywhere in retail, but I’m pretty much living proof that you can.” Said Feazell. “You don’t always have to be at the bottom, you can have a strong worth ethic and push yourself to do it. You have to make yourself available to your bosses.”
Shyft allows employees to advance through the ranks at their location by allowing them to pick up shifts and show to their managers that they want to take on more responsibilities in the workplace.
We asked him about his take on retail staffing and how it differs from other staffing and shared some poignant insight on the topic:

A lot of the problems associates have is the hours. With every company, you only have a certain amount of hours to schedule with every employee. It’s just that when you want to make this a job, a career, by making yourself available to pick up shifts; and that way you kind of move yourself forward.

Said Feazell. “And that’s just a decision they have to make for themselves personally. “

Promoting from within is one of the most useful tools for employee retention – and Shyft makes it easier to identify those who have the drive to move up in the company.

A New Generation of Efficiency

In this particular Five Below location’s case, the inclusion of Shyft has made for increased efficiency in:

  • Allowing committed employees to move up the management chain
  • Implementation of management principles
  • Utilization of modern and technologically advanced tools in the retail workplace

All in all, the Five Below strategy of identifying trends and being able to deliver on those to a youthful audience is mirrored in the Birmingham, Alabama location. By implementing modern technology into their staffing, they are effectively staying ahead of the curve and “Shyfting” employee management into a new, technological generation.

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