Streamlining Scheduling with Shyft at Forever 21

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Forever 21 has grown exponentially since its 1984 inception and is now staffed 30,000 strong across six continents. That growth comes from its ultimately successful business model, but with this growth comes the need for effective and straightforward systems of staffing – to help brand visibility and further penetration into the fast-fashion market.

Shyft recently had a conversation with Juan Saenz, a GM at a Forever 21 in Laredo, Texas. An experienced retail manager with a background in a wide range of establishments ranging from Burlington Coat Factory to Petco, he has expressed his appreciation for the things that Shyft has helped him with in regards to employee management.

By utilizing Shyft, Juan is effectively staying ahead of the Amazon effect by making technology an integral part of his front-end team and incorporating a user-friendly tool to decrease absenteeism at his location.

Juan’s Shyft Feature Breakdown

  • Private Groups and Channels for broadcasting announcements
  • Photo schedule upload and import for sharing the schedule
  • Direct Messaging & Chat without sharing phone numbers
  • Team Feed for storewide communication

A Shyft to Mitigating Excuses

During our talk, Juan emphasized the usefulness of Shyft,  especially in regards to competing with gold-standard retailers such as Apple – and how it’s helped him hold his employees accountable for their schedules.

“The thing is, there are no excuses anymore. No ‘I didn’t write my schedule down’ – because you have it there on the app, so you can check anytime. You can’t say ‘I didn’t go to work because I didn’t know’ because it’s there.” Juan said.  Because we have this app, there’s no confusion.”

Essentially, it disregards excuses that may be easily brushed under the rug. It puts the power into the employee’s hands to take charge of their own schedule through the easy-to-use mobile interface.

A Shyft to Increasing Accountability

Every employee utilizing the app has their schedule with them whenever they have an uncertainty about the time or date they work. This increases accountability through the easy process of opening Shyft and accessing straightforward information about when they’re scheduled to work.
Retail is notorious for complicated scheduling, and there’s immense help in utilizing Shyft by making sure that employees are held to a high standard of workplace habits. It zeroes out excuses for calling out, and mitigates scheduling headaches for managers.

A Shyft to Identifying Trends

Because Shyft smoothly and efficiently facilitates communication between managers and employees, it allows those making key staffing decisions to see what types of shifts are most prone to be swapped.

“It lets you look for trends – they missed every other Sunday, they miss every holiday, you learn to schedule these people best, to protect your business,” Juan told us about his experience with staffing using Shyft. 
When asked about the usual way people checked their schedule, he discussed the current method of combining Shyft with a paper schedule., “We still do that because we’re required to post the schedule because that’s part of our policy.” He told us. “They don’t go to that, they either go to the computer, or to the Shyft application.”

A Shyft to Endless Possibilities

We at Shyft are proud to say that by eliminating any road bumps or possible lines of miscommunication, staffing at this Forever 21 location is:

  • Streamlined
  • Made accessible to both employees and managers
  • Headache-free

Paper scheduling may have had it’s heyday when Forever 21 was founded over thirty years ago, but with the implementation of Shyft for scheduling in this particular location, there has been a drastic improvement in employee management.

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