In an ever-changing climate, scheduling for the Airline Industry can be challenging. Shyft provides ease and flexibility when scheduling your team. Use Open Shift and VTO Opportunities when demand changes and keep your team aware of important workplace information and opportunities.

For Everyone

Announce Updates & Build Teamwork

Keeping employees informed every step of the way boosts morale and allows team members to provide the best possible customer experience. 

For Managers

Flexible Scheduling

Shyft’s Open Shift and Voluntary Time Off features allow managers to increase or decrease staffing when labor demand changes. As a result, employees can create a schedule that works best for them. 

For Associates

Shift Tips & Premiums

Team members can add shift tips to help staff hard to fill shifts. Additional incentives boost the chance of shifts getting covered and help employees earn extra income. Staff add shift premiums that range from $5 – $200 to fill important holiday shifts.

For Everyone

Emergency Communication

Rely on Shyft when team members need it the most. Shyft is counted on to keep associates, managers, and companies connected during disasters and emergencies.

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