Help Volunteers Help Others

Shyft is used by non-profit organizations to help create flexible schedules for volunteers, and to get more people involved. Workplaces use Shyft to broadcast volunteer work opportunities with local charities and partner organizations.

For Associates

Volunteer Staff Need Schedule Flexibility

Build an informed schedule that is flexible enough to support your volunteers. Save managers time and fill shifts on short notice.

For Everyone

Program and Community Updates

Shyft’s communication tools centralize information, encourage teamwork, and build community. This eliminates the need to sort through email or social media groups to connect with team members.

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For Everyone

Build Workplace Volunteer Programs

Teams in all industries can participate and promote volunteer work by building groups in Shyft to support community initiatives. Partner with local organizations and broadcast volunteer shifts for associates to cover.

For Everyone

Emergency Communication

Rely on Shyft when team members need it the most. Shyft is counted on to keep associates, managers, and companies connected during disasters and emergencies.

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