Logistics &
Supply Chain

Introduce on-demand mobile technology into your Supply Chain operation. Modernize scheduling and labor practices and provide associates with a way to pick up shifts that fits their lives.

For Managers

Build a Flex Labor Pool

Shyft is the cornerstone of flexible hour labor programs. Employees pick the shifts that work best with their personal schedules. Distribution centers can better manage volume demand, and employees use the communication tools to stay connected. 

 “The process before Shyft was that we would have to make calls. We would have to call every person individually to check availability, and we would be doing that for an hour or two hours per day.”

Distribution Center Team Lead

For Associates

Increase Worker Productivity

Equip your associates with tools to select the shifts that work best for them. Employees are more likely to report to work for the shifts they select, and they are happier while on the job.

For Associates

Facility Leaders Get Information They Need

The days of paper overtime sign-up sheets are over. Shyft displays who is on-shift and all approved overtime shifts. Supervisors always know who will be reporting to work and when.

For Everyone

Digital Stand-Up Communications

In today’s DCs, most associates rely on information shared verbally in standup meetings or by reading flyers posted throughout the DC. With Shyft, employees are kept up to date in real time and can refer back to important announcements – all from their phone.

For Associates

Leverage Your Regional Network

Volume can change instantly within a distribution center. Use Shyft’s regional channels to stay connected with the other buildings on your campus and share labor.

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