Customized for Your Industry

With Shyft’s tailored solutions for industries, companies can improve employee engagement to increase team success and provide top-notch customer service.


Shyft helps retailers increase sales by ensuring the sales floor is fully staffed. Shyft saves time for managers and empowers employees with scheduling flexibility to reduce absenteeism and improve retention.

“We love it. It really helps cut down on people not showing up for scheduled shifts.”

- Old Navy Manager

Retail Case Study

See how a national retailer reduced absenteeism and improved team morale by deploying Shyft.


Supply Chain

Evolve your organization’s supply chain strategy by adjusting staffing levels in real time to meet demand. Enable managers to post VTO requests and extra open shifts quickly and efficiently.

“It allows us to schedule extra shifts and makes it a lot easier for our management team.”

- Walmart Canada Operations Team Leader

See how Walmart Canada uses Shyft to increase efficiency and stay nimble.

Food Service

Provide high-quality customer experience by decreasing wait times. Ensure shifts are fully staffed and save managers time by streamlining scheduling.

"Shyft helps me not be irresponsible and have someone show up instead of not showing up and making it harder for my coworkers."

- Food Service Employee


Ensure departments are fully staffed by giving team members mobile schedule accessibility and shift-swapping tools. Assign team members to appropriate groups and broadcast announcements in private team channels.

"Shyft is really great for maintaining the number of people we’re supposed to have for that day."

- Market Basket Store Manager

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