An Entire Marketplace,
Just for Shifts

Shyft offers the world’s most advanced shift calendar functionality. Simply compare Scheduled Shifts, Marketplace Shifts, and update Availability to craft the perfect calendar for you.

For Managers

Open Shifts Posted
by Managers

React to changes in customer demand in real time. Empower associates with the flexibility to pick up shifts that fit their schedule on the fly.

“The app makes for few call-outs and missed shifts, while allowing greater communication capacity between employees. It’s a win-win for management & their staff.”

Store Manager

For Associates

Team Shifts Posted
by Associates

Shyft helps associates swap millions of shifts with their coworkers each year, when they need it the most.
For Everyone

Shift Communication
That Works

Shyft’s private messaging and public commenting options provide a safe forum for conversations on active open shifts.

“Super convenient when needing a shift covered or when covering a shift. Love that we can all be in one big group chat or individual chats. Great easy access to get ahold of coworkers and managers.”

Store Associate

For Everyone

Availability & Skills

Advanced conflict detection and skills matching help managers assess which shifts are best suited for which associates.
For Everyone

Bulk Shift Management Tools

As multiple applicants apply for shifts, bulk approval options enable managers to approve or deny a series of shifts in one simple action.

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