Employees are at the core of a top-notch customer experience. Make yours unforgettable by empowering your associates and front-line employees with Shyft’s on-the-fly shift posting, live communication, and other tools that strengthen operations.

For Managers

Share Paper Schedules Electronically

Shyft enables managers to convert outdated scheduling practices. Post and distribute a photo of the paper schedule in Shyft to ensure each team member has the schedule in their pocket at all times. Integrations with scheduling partners are also available to provide employees with digital schedule access and notification reminders for shifts.

For Associates

Swap Shifts in a 24-Hour Industry

Building a strong team that exceeds customer expectations begins with a flexible schedule that meets customer demand and employee needs. 

For Everyone

Stay Connected & Work in Harmony

Use Shyft’s communication tools to help employees be their best. Build a sense of community, improve team morale, and establish a standard of excellence.

For Managers

Connect with Locations Nearby

Multiple restaurants in the same region? Build a support system in Shyft by using cross-location labor sharing and regional communication announcements.

Cross Location Broadcast
For Associates

Fair Workweek for Hospitality

Shyft allows restaurants, retail, and other industries to keep up with predictable scheduling legislation. This ultimately saves managers time, reduces stress, and increases compliance.

For Everyone

Emergency Communication

Rely on Shyft when team members need it the most. Shyft is counted on to keep associates, managers, and companies connected during disasters and emergencies.

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