Benefits of Working with Shyft

Shyft's mobile-first workforce management solution helps companies innovate to better leverage their best asset: their workforce.

Workforce Optimization

Replace inefficient scheduling and communication methods to increase productivity on the frontline.

  • Figures based on survey responses from more than 6,100 employees at a national retailer.

Employee Engagement

Make the most of your hiring investment by improving employee experience and retention.

  • 95% of employees say they would recommend Shyft to a friend.
  • Attract top talent with a cutting-edge mobile solution. 93% of employees of associates state that Shyft is a benefit they enjoy.
  • 72% of managers report Shyft improves team morale at their location.
  • 71% of employees surveyed feel Shyft reduces turnover at their store.
  • Figures based on survey responses from more than 6,100 employees at a national retailer.

Predictable Scheduling

As Predictable Scheduling policies continue to spread, Shyft enables companies to provide scheduling flexibility while remaining compliant.

  • Allow employees to initiate voluntary schedule changes through shift trades.
  • Distribute schedules electronically to support advance scheduling notice.
  • Keep records of schedules, employee information, and shift swaps.

Company Legal Requirements

Shyft works closely with enterprise customers’ legal teams to support industry, company, and regional requirements.

Custom Terms of Service

Prompt employees to review and agree to a custom Terms of Service before using the app.

Device Accessibility

Employees can use Shyft on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and desktop computers.

Geofencing Technology

Enable geofencing to require employees to be on-site to complete certain tasks.

Activity Oversight

Replace outdated communication methods such as social media groups and text messages with a secure, centralized solution.

  • Prompt employees to review and agree to a Communications Policy.
  • Assign location admin roles to enable managers to approve schedule changes and add or remove members.
  • Oversee teams’ shift-swapping and communications in Shyft in the Enterprise Dashboard.

Shyft Security

Shyft protects company data and user information with three levels of encryption and advanced firewall protection.


Cloud Security Alliance Member


HTTPS encryption
with key and token protection


Data transmission secured using SFTP


BSIMM8 Software Security Framework

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