5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement through Frequent Recognition

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Everyone likes to know when they’re doing a good job. It fulfills our need for self-actualization and esteem (as seen in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) and helps us feel more productive.

Frequent recognition should underpin a company’s employee engagement strategy. Companies that score highly for having a “recognition-rich culture” have 31% lower turnover rates, according to Bersin by Deloitte. Research also shows millennial workers respond well to frequent, meaningful feedback, and employees of all ages value empathy in managers.

With the rise of mobile employee engagement software, companies are now equipped to show appreciation frequently. We’ve seen managers leverage the Shyft app to update, encourage and celebrate their teams using the Team Channel feature. It’s often appreciation posts that receive the highest numbers of likes and comments by associates.

Here are five ways managers use Shyft to show frequent appreciation for their teams:

“Thanks for going above and beyond.”

There’s no need to wait to give recognition. There are often small achievements to call out – you just need to look for them. If the closing team leaves the store in pristine condition, or a coworker routinely goes out of their way to help others, the manager can applaud them in real-time.

Managers using Shyft often give kudos for outstanding work in the Team Channel. By quickly addressing the individual’s hard work soon after it happens, the manager can make the appreciation feel personal, specific and meaningful.

Receiving a positive comment in front of their team members gives an associate a sense of pride, and it also motivates others to step up.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Managers have also seized team achievements as opportunities to show appreciation. They might acknowledge a group when they knock out their goals or step up to a significant challenge. Shout-outs strengthen team relationships and foster a culture of unity across the group. It can also spark friendly competition among different groups to motivate excellent work.

Meet the Employee of the Month

Employee of the month is a long-standing tradition, but having a team platform in which to tell the nominee’s story is new. In the Shyft app, managers tend to announce the employee of the month and share information about the person’s tenure, achievements and a bit about why they were selected. It gives the award extra weight and boosts the employee’s self-esteem and connection to the company even more.

By promoting the Employee of the Month, the manager raises the recipient’s visibility while also educating the rest of the group. Others, especially newer employees, can see how a driven staff member has progressed with the company, and it can start to inform their ambitions.

Celebrate Promotions

Along with employee of the month, managers also leverage promotions to appreciate and encourage team members in the Team Channel. Managers often congratulate an employee as they take the next step in their career and share their new title and responsibilities. This helps keep everyone informed of structure changes, especially if other associates or the manager are also stepping into a new role.

Cheering on an associate’s growth in front of their team amplifies feelings of pride and a sense of belonging. This helps reinforce a strong relationship between the worker and the company.

Happy Holidays

Every day is an occasion to show appreciation, but holidays are especially timely and fun opportunities. They give managers a chance to recognize their team in a more personal way to strengthen the team dynamic. Managers might express how lucky they feel to work with everyone on St. Patrick’s Day, or let the team know how much they care on Valentine’s Day ❤️.

By leveraging technology like Shyft, managers are actively increasing the frequency and impact of employee recognition. As a result, they receive significant engagement from employees (in the form of likes and comments) on their posts in the Team Channel.

Enabling frequent recognition through mobile employee engagement software increases employee satisfaction and improves retention as a result. According to our research with a national retailer, 71% of users surveyed said they felt Shyft helped reduce turnover at their store. Providing Shyft as a benefit – to improve schedule flexibility and team communication – is the ultimate way to show associates their company appreciates them.

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