Call Off Labor
Like Lightning

Sometimes, being able to call off labor is just as important as being able to add extra shifts. Shyft’s Time Off tools provide options for associates and managers to signal clear and transparent schedule information about canceling shifts.

For Managers

Voluntary Time Off

Offer Voluntary Time Off to associates to downstaff schedules in real time. If customer demand goes down, or shipments are late, offer associates time off as a way of managing labor cost, and keeping associates happy.

“Wait. So you’re telling me that I can claim VTO from home? That is awesome!”
Distribution Center Associate
For Associates

Shift Call Offs

Replace call in lines, voicemails, and other disconnected systems with a simple way for associates to report that they are unable to make their shift.

For Everyone

Time Off Requests

Provide a mobile option for associates to submit time off requests and receive responses from their managers.

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