Team Communication

Say goodbye to social media pages and group texts. Shyft centralizes communication to make it easy for everyone to stay on the same page.

For Everyone

Team Channels

Team Channels are the best way to sort relevant site specific information and keep teams informed and engaged with workplace announcements, activities, and team recognition.

For Enterprise

Corporate Channels

Corporate Channels help connect companies to thousands of associates for important updates across the organization. Companies use Shyft to post information about policies, events, and team wins to engage associates nationwide.
For Managers

Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging and multi-user chat groups create private conversations to ask questions and get answers. Multiple configuration options lead to a secure and customizable associate messaging experience.

“Cannot work without it now! This app saves me so much time with communicating with my team about scheduling things that it opens up so much more meaningful conversations!”
Retail Store Manager
For Associates

Shift Communication

Shift Communication sits at the core of successful labor exchanges. When you need to know something important about a shift, private shift messaging and public shift commenting provide a forum for discussion on active shift cards.

For Enterprise


A variety of configuration options are available to ensure your team uses Shyft in a way that meets your company’s digital communication policies.

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