Introducing Shyft’s New Availability Feature

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The Shyft Team is always hard at work to bring our users new tools to help them reimagine their workforces, and today we are excited to announce a couple new features to help do just that!

Introducing Availability!

This is a feature our users, requested most! So we are happy to announce Availability is the newest feature on Shyft. Managers can now request updated availability from their team directly in the app, replacing the prehistoric method using pen and paper. This means no more guessing if an employee is available to work a new schedule because each employee’s availability is right in the palm of your hand.

With this new feature, if managers start to notice certain employees are needing an unusual amount of coverage lately, or are covering more shifts than usual, this may be a sign that they should request an updated availability to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Availability Video Tutorial

New & Improved: Manager Dashboard

shyft manager dashboard mockup

Our Manager Dashboard just received a sleek new update! It’s now bringing our users new and improved features to give users a better pulse on your location’s health and activity.


  • Record keeping for compliance – exporting ability for all shift exchange records with time-stamped action reporting on all users.
  • Users will now see a 7-day overview of their location’s health with easy-to-understand data points, as well as how the current week compares to the previous weeks’ stats.
  • A new calendar page where users can see and export shift activity based on the shift start and end time.
  • A number of other updates and changes.

Dive in and take a look around!

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