10 Can’t-Miss Sessions at NRF 2020

NRF 2020 has everything you need to know about the retail industry, as well as can’t-miss experiences. This is where connections, insight, and foresight happen for leaders in retail.

Located in the Javits Center in NYC, NRF 2020 is dedicated to helping you find your vision, meet visionary individuals, learn from inspiring ideas and experience innovative tech.

Here’s a list of your can’t-miss events we’ve curated, when they’re happening, and why you need to be there. 

Top Events for Sunday, Jan. 12

Opening Keynote with Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

8:45am-9:15am, SAP Qualtrics XM Theatre, Level 1

The can’t-miss opening keynote will be delivered by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. As one of the world’s leading multinational technology companies, Microsoft works with global retailers to help create and sustain intelligent retail. 

Here, Nadella will offer his insight into the future of retail – and how technology will play into this future. 

Future Consumer 2022: Shopping methods, consumer behavior trends and changes ahead

10:30am-11:00am, Shyft Stage, Level 4

In this presentation, futurist and trend forecaster WGSN’s Andrea Bell brings our eyes to the future customer. Surrounding the question of how consumer’s behaviors will evolve and what they’ll expect from retailers and brands in 2022 and beyond, the research presented will offer direction and stir creativity to guide retailers onto the right path for retail growth and disruption.

Turn Customers Into Lifelong Fans: Experience-driven commerce in action

11:00am-11:30am, Stage 4, Expo, Level 3

Customers expect a seamless and personalized, omnichannel experience before purchasing. In this discussion, Michael Gerard, CMO of e-Spirit Inc. and Thomas Neumann Group CTO of SIGNA Sports United speak about how SIGNA Sports United, one of the largest global sports online platforms, is using this new market reality to deliver experience-driven commerce that creates lifelong fans.

Bringing Bricks to Life: LEGO knows the child in all of us

12:00pm-12:30pm, Medallia Stage, Hall E, Level 1

In this session, the multinational toy manufacturer, LEGO, shares its insight into how personalization, digital tools, human imagination, and a global brand come together to create a memorable in-store experience.

The Age of AI: Women shaping the future of retail

1:30pm-2:00pm, The FQ Lounge, Expo, Level 1, back of 1100 aisle

Gender equality in the tech industry is a topic of importance for everyone. As the speakers, Seemantini Godbole, Chief Information Officer of Lowe’s and Christiane Pendarvis Senior Vice President of FULLBEAUTY Brands say, “If AI is the future and the future is female, then we need more women calling the shots.”

In this discussion, you will learn how female industry leaders are utilizing the power of AI and other leading digital tools to grow closer to consumers. 

Top Events for Monday, Jan. 13

Nurturing Humanity in Modern-Day Retail: A conversation with Starbucks President and CEO Kevin Johnson

8:30am-9:15am, SAP Qualtrics XM Theatre, Level 1

Kevin Johnson, the President, and CEO of Starbucks kicks off Monday with another great keynote. Here, Johnson will explore the power of human emotion and connection in an increasingly tech-focused industry and the important reminder that the pursuit of profit doesn’t need to outshine the pursuit of doing good. 

Gen Z and Millennials Are Here: How and where to engage them

9:15am-10:00am, Stage 4, Expo, Level 3

Gen Z and Millennials make up 40% of the U.S. labor force and are already beginning to shape the industry as we know it.

In this session, Shyft’s own CEO Brett Patrontasch provides insight on how to meaningfully engage these important generations with best practices and mobile technology. These tips will help you attract and motivate these generations for a forward-thinking business, a highly efficient WFM system, and the best customer experience yet.

A Burger with Benefits — From Beyond

11:15am-11:45am, Medallia Stage, Hall E, Level 1

With a market capitalization of over $10 billion, the plant-based meat company, Beyond Meat is taking over America’s dinner tables. 

In this session, Seth Goldman Executive Chair of Beyond Meat and Phil Lempert Editor of SupermarketGuru.com speak about the importance of raising the bar for grocery store customer experience and maximum success. 

***Not to miss: Expo Happy Hour (4-5pm)***

The Expo Happy Hour is a chance for visitors to enjoy food and drink on the convention floor while networking with like-minded, forward-thinkers.

While you’re at it, visit the Shyft booth (#5673 on Level 3), one of the main destinations on the show floor, and get inspired to make an impact on your workforce management system.

Top Events for Tuesday, Jan. 14

Serving Customers on Their Terms: A conversation with Erik Nordstrom

8:30am-9:15am, SAP QualtricsXM Theatre, Level 1

Nordstrom co-president Erik Nordstrom serves up another fantastic keynote presentation for Tuesday’s opening as he discusses the company’s plans for improving customer service, what their market approach in Los Angeles taught them, and what they have in store to scaling their strategy to other markets.  

Delivering On Personalization: Harnessing feedback and machine learning to meet and anticipate shoppers’ needs

12:00pm-12:30pm, Kustomer Stage, Hall E, Level 1

The online personal styling service, Stitch Fix, fuels a hyper-personalized shopping experience through their industry-leading recommendation engine. Learn from Brad Klingenberg, Chief Algorithms Officer of the company, as he shares case studies including retailer-relevant tactics on how to leverage machine learning for optimum personalization.

What NRF is All About

If you’re looking to up your game in the retail industry, The National Retail Federation (NRF) show is where you’ll want to be. This event gives you the opportunity to educate yourself on the ideas and trends that will help propel your business in 2020. 

Find your vision, get inspired by some of the greatest minds and leaders in the industry and expose your company to new ideas that are transforming retail as we know it. 

Be sure to visit the Shyft Team at booth 5673! We look forward to seeing you there!

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