Christmas in July – Hiring Retail Employees Early for the Holiday Season


Each year, the hiring and planning cycle for the holiday season begins earlier and earlier.  Given the importance of the holiday sales period to retailers’ bottom line, it is no surprise that retailers are being more and more proactive regarding their plans for the holiday season.  Labor is in tight supply, and in many locations, workers are empowered with recently enacted legislation that protects their right when it comes to scheduling, advanced notice, and predictability.  Store managers are simultaneously challenged with keeping lines short, delivering on high customer expectations, along with managing scheduling and record keeping.

The holiday season typically centers around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but more and more retailers are offering deep discounts earlier in the season to draw in consumers.  Another tactic? “Countdown to Savings” events have been growing in popularity. Customers now expect a flood of discounts every holiday season.

How Does Holiday Staffing Impact Retailers?

So what does this mean for staffing the store and meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele?  Discounts used to drive traffic can result in long lines and customer frustration. Customers might choose to walk out, without purchases, over waiting 15-20 minutes to be rung up.  Having shift coverage is a key component to avoiding these types of missed opportunities. A fully staffed store is a profitable store!

In addition to long lines, a thoroughly merchandised sales floor is another key contributor to driving profitability.  For example, if a customer comes in expecting a great deal on women’s turtlenecks and the size a shopper is looking for is not out on the floor, an opportunity to deliver on purchase intent goes unrealized.

Holiday Schedules – How Can Shyft Help?

Shyft’s objective is to help enterprise customers, such as retailers, reduce labor inefficiencies and empower their employees.  Giving employees the flexibility they require, especially during this busy season of family obligations and general merriment, allows associates to feel supported and in control of their schedules and busy lives.  This, in turn, creates increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

The other great benefit of Shyft for the retailer is that Shyft greatly reduces no-shows and callouts by resolving scheduling issues previously addressed via group texts, Facebook posts, phone calls and the like – these are no longer required.  Managers are able to save valuable time with fewer scheduling headaches and can concentrate on serving customers.

Talk to us!

While planning your holiday sales strategy, know that Shyft can help you optimize your labor force for a successful holiday season.  Send an email to sales@myshyft.com to schedule a demo and learn what Shyft can do for your business.

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