To Process Retail Inventory Faster, Improve Staffing


When a shipment arrives at the store, time is of the essence. Retail inventory needs to be processed quickly to refill missing stock and support seasonal promotions. Delays can also tie up associates and affect customer service, store appearance, and sales.

As a retail operations leader, you’re likely focused on inventory management systems and techniques. However, staffing stores appropriately is just as important. Associates are key for processing retail inventory accurately and efficiently.

Hourly staffing can be challenging. Shyft works with retailers to improve frontline staffing to support key store processes like receiving inventory. Here are some ways we’ve been able to help retailers decrease the time it takes to process shipment:

Replace Call-Outs Right Away

Sometimes things come up, and team members call out last minute. The team is then short-staffed and less able to complete the work. Instead, team leaders can use the Shyft app to post an available shift to find coverage. Someone else on the team can offer to cover the shift right away.

In the shift post, the manager can emphasize the urgency and explain the situation. By sharing context, the team member that covers the shift may be more motivated to help out by picking up the shift.

Align with Delivery Times

Depending on your inventory management system, you may process shipments on the same day each week or on a more irregular schedule. Even so, shipments are sometimes delayed or may even arrive early. Shyft’s features help retailers flex their staff in real-time to more closely match staffing to the timing of deliveries.

In Shyft, managers post Open Shifts to broadcast extra available shifts. Shyft notifies team members of the available shift, and they can offer to cover – within minutes. With Voluntary Time Off (VTO), managers can offer voluntary time off to team members when a shipment is delayed or if they need fewer people than expected.

Schedule Associates Trained for Inventory Processing

When you need a delivery processed quickly, you may want specially-trained associates on the job. In Shyft, team leaders can create custom groups for team members with certain training. If they’re in a tight spot, they can post shifts to their group of trained associates right away.

Retailers use Shyft to target shifts based on location and group assignments. Managers can also post announcements to members of a specific group.

Distribute Planograms and Instructions for Retail Inventory

Before the shipment arrives, team leaders can share planograms and instructions in the Shyft app. This ensures everyone on the team understands the plan ahead of time. Teams can use Shyft to communicate instead of group text messages and social media groups.

Team leaders can even ask associates to tap the “like” button to indicate they’ve received the information. Employees can also comment on the announcement with any questions.

Show Appreciation to Boost Morale

Processing a new shipment on time is a major feat. Managers frequently use Shyft to recognize teams’ hard work. They’re able to post kudos in the Team Channel for everyone on the team to see, or they can post in a custom group channel.

By showing appreciation in Shyft, managers boost morale, increase motivation, and hopefully decrease the time it takes to process the next shipment. Giving frequent recognition is proven to boost employee engagement and retention.

Improve Staffing with Shyft to Process Inventory Faster

New product is the bedrock of a store’s success, but without associates, it will only sit in the back. Scheduling the right people for the right place – and at the right time – is key to getting inventory processed quickly. By leveraging mobile technology like Shyft, team leaders are able to react quickly and ensure proper staffing to process retail inventory.

Schedule a demo to discuss how Shyft can support retail inventory management at your company. To learn more about staffing with Shyft, check out “5 Ways a Mobile Workforce Management Solution Drives Sales.”

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