Walmart Canada Launches Shyft Across National Network of Distribution Centres

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"Shyft is a great example of using a partnership to move at pace and drive some real innovation into our business and have a material impact on our productivity and our associates' lives"
John Bayliss
SVP Logistics & Supply Chain,
Walmart Canada

Walmart was looking to leverage a modern, employee-centered technology solution that could broadcast Open Shifts and Voluntary Time Off (VTO) opportunities to their Distribution Centre associates.

When demand is high, associates simply check their phone to pick up extra shifts that they are interested in and that they are eligible to work.

Associates can also apply to take VTO in Shyft when volume is low. Ultimately, saving time and eliminating the need to drive into the facility to take care of the administrative VTO process.

Managers have reported substantial time savings each day. Prior to Shyft, a scheduling manager may spend 2 – 3 hours per day calling through a roster of associates who could potentially come in to work to help manage increased volume. Now, managers simply post shifts on the app – day or night – and watch as employees cover the shifts immediately and in real time.

Associates report that they appreciate the opportunity to take overtime using a transparent, fair, and real time technology.

At larger campus networks, cross facility labor sharing allows managers to broadcast regional shifts to nearby Walmart distribution centres. Once posted, associates are informed of the regional shift, the location at which it is taking place, and they can view other important details to determine if they are eligible to work the shifts.

“The reason I like Shyft so much, is that it solves a problem that exists today in the simplest way. Everyone has a personal device. All you need to do is download the app and swap your shift.”

Fareena Contractor, Director of Innovation, Walmart

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