Just Announced at NRF 2018: Shyft Workforce


want to start by mentioning the Shyft Team just finished our exhibit in New York City on January 14th, 15th and 16th at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, and we made a splash while we were there!  If you were at NRF too (or want to get an idea of the show) watch our quick recap video below.

We are extremely excited to have unveiled our latest product at the show – Shyft Workforce – and announcing some other future enhancements.

The market for Shyft’s product suite is opening up. Demand is being driven by emerging Fair Workweek (predictable scheduling) legislation coming into effect around the world, and by the recognition that scheduling employees can be demonstrably more efficient for both the worker and the employer. A new product category has emerged in the last 24 months: a mobile-first layer of workforce products. It sits below corporate WFM (workforce management) systems and scheduling tools, and connects legacy systems directly to the workers, on mobile, wherever they are.

Products in this segment are enabling employers to quickly and easily comply with predictable scheduling legislation,  and initiatives like the Fair Workweek. These mobile-first solutions help employers become more efficient by optimizing their labor supply. Shyft has a wide variety of national employers who are piloting Shyft, already rolling Shyft out across the country, or seriously investigating doing so.

Our CEO, Brett Patrontasch appeared on FOX Business News a year ago where he forecasted this market shift and discussed the legislation coming into force in San Francisco and Seattle. Since then, New York has also introduced legislation which went live last month, Oregon State goes live July 1st, 2018, and it’s our bet that Chicago will soon follow.  

Workforce management, in general, is ripe for disruption. It’s being enhanced and transformed by startups who are leveraging the best tech available in order to create smarter tools to manage the world’s largest workforces.

If you have any questions about Shyft Workforce or predictable scheduling legislation, please reach out to me at Chris@myshyft.com

NRF 2018 Recap Video

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